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Default Comments welcomed


Many thanks Dave
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Well, RP had a chance to offer something different and blew it!

After contemplating this a little, I'd like to see more at the top (clerestory).
The shiny plastic runner on the floor is a bit annoying.
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Joseph Cermak
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Yeah I agree that it is something different and would be worth having in the database.
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Very Nice, too bad.

Bob Jordan
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MassArt Images
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I think "they" are in wedgie mode at the present. Cool shot!

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John West
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Interesting shot. The plastic runner is a bummer, but overall it has a lot of interest. Just another judgement call that went the wrong way, but that is life at RP.
John West
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While I applaud the composition, I don't feel it was executed well enough. There's issues with the noise, sharpness, and highlights. Since this scene wasn't going anywhere it could have been done a bit better IMO. Not trying to be a ----, but offering input into a possible reason for it being rejected.

Loyd L.
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I would agree on the plastic floor mat. It obviously protects the carpet while allowing visitors to see car's interior, but for a photo, it doesn't do much for the ambience. Also would have been nice if that had been the Leviathan outside vs. a locomotive built much later. Not much you could have done about either of those things, Dave.


- A wider lens would have been better. I now carry the Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G with me wherever I go (unless I have the heavier 16-35mm f/4 VR with me) There are times when 24mm just can't take it all in.

- Using some bounce flash (dialed down) might have allowed you to expose for the open door, while keeping the rest of the cabin decently exposed. I nearly always have an SB-600 handy, with some Rogue Flash Benders for just such situations.

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Not much I could do about anything really. I was visiting late in the day and after I had been given the talk by the guide present in the car, the museum was closing up and he had to escort me from the premises. I couldn't make too much of a fuss as I had been given free entry. Also I don't carry a flash with me. Once I have packed the camera, two lenses and the battery charger I can't have much more in my suitcase!! As this time I was over for three weeks I needed more room for a few clothes. I've got another version which shows the ornate material on the roof but the chair is cropped so I didn't think it looked that good. Perhaps someone will go and take a better shot and get it on. It was strange watching how the screener worked though. I had recourse to edit what I had written and when I put the photo back on I noticed that pictures were being reviewed. This was number 12 in a list of 13. It then was 11 out of 12, then 10 out of 11 and so on. BUT once they got to 6 mine had already been rejected. Odd that.
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