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Default B&O Railroad Museum

About 5 years ago I was on a business trip in Baltimore (and fell in love with the town, by the way).

As I was driving the streets -- lost -- I drove right by the B&O Railroad Museum. ( I didn't even know it was there.) It was almost closing-time so I didn't go in, but I parked and wandered among all the rolling stock they have on display there. A terrific collection, very historical.

I may be in Baltimore again soon, and just wondered if anybody knows whether the museum is still operating? Anybody else visited it?

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Default B&O

The museum's roundhouse roof collapsed during the blizzard last year and is closed for extensive repairs. You can find out more info and where to send a donation at http://www.borail.org/ The Baltimore Civil War Museum housed in the Presidents Street RR Station and the Baltimore Street Car Museum, would be 2 good alternates. The B&O Museum has one of the best collections in the country and is well thought of by the local community. We were all saddened by the cave-in. Locomotives and rolling stock were also damaged, with one piece being a total loss. Much of what's in the round house is very rare. They also run a great bookstore which is up and running online.
Oriole Park at Camden Yards incorporates a huge old chunk of a B&O building into it's architecture and today we heard that there is a proposal to add a sports museum to another old B&O warehouse. The warehouse, Camden Yards, the B&O Museum, and Presidents Street Station are all within a short walk of each other.
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