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Default I Give UP Too Cloudy

I just give up trying to get a post on RailPictures it is very disappointing trying to get somthing posted on thios site. I guess I made someone mad because every one of my shots have been denied. However I have other railfans looking at my stuff and love it. Here is my latest give me your opionions.
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Default Cloudy

I'd say it got rejected because of the white sky. I try to stay away from the white sky unless the power is really rare or unique. This would have had a better chance of getting in if it were under a blue sky.
Nick Hart
Joliet, IL

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Originally Posted by NicTrain35
This would have had a better chance of getting in if it were under a blue sky.
...And if at least one of the locomotives were in sunlight...
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Any train meet is a photo I like. The green branch reaching over to the loco is a bit distracting but thats just my opinion.
Michael O'Neil

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I really like that photo.

It is well lit. My opinion would be to crop the photo to 800x600, cropping the tree leaves completely (which will still include the entire loco), and rotate the photo about 1 degree clockwise, and try it again. If it gets rejected again, appeal it. Heck, if you are in an area that's cloudy 99% of the time... Beg them? You might want to refer them to other 'cloudy' shots, which are in the database, and there are some that are fairly recent.
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E.M. Bell
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Cloudy, with parts of the scene in deep shadow due to the bridge. Also, the whole thing seems to have a very noticable tilt to the left. Id have to save save that one for the personal collection, or shoot it again in better conditons.
E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
Salvisa, KY

NS Fourms http://jreb.org/ns
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Don't give up. If you need any help just talk to me..... It took me awhile too to get on here.... Probably three months. The entire acception/rejection process, although frustrating, really helps you out as a photographer. However, on cloudy days most people don't even try. My advice to you would be to check the weather, and when sunny or mostly sunny, go out. In my early days I only had one picture in good light out of 50... that's why I had so many rejections. Sure enough I achived that picture and worked on it recently and it was accepted. You'll have many accepted on a nice day, especially with a decent camera. If it's alright outside one evening with nice lowlight, I'd head out to Rench Rd. and try to catch something. That's a great location and there aren't shadows.

At Rench though, if the noses of the locomotives are dark as they often are, I'd try to get it at wide angle. Here are some of my shots from Rench, which is less than two miles south of where you took that pic.






These are my ones from the afternoon side of the tracks.... The morning side (east side) is another angle.... lots of corn this time of year though.

Well, don't give up.... again... If you need any help contact me... I can give you some advice or even fan with you if you'd like. My email is greg@railpictures.net, you can PM me, or AIM me and my screen name is nsnscalerailfan. I'd be very happy to help.

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about this "if-it's-not-sunny-I-won't-shoot" attitude. If I did that, I'd hardly have any shots at all! I'ts cloudy 90% of the time here-when I do get a good weather shot, we pay for it with two weeks of crap afterwards. I think the screeners think we all have California weather. Well, guess what... we don't. Blue sky days maybe amount to less than 1-2 weeks a year total-then the railroad drops dead. The rest of the time it sucks. Get real-I shoot in any weather. You think trains only run on sunny days?! Sorry but this attitude really gets me steamed.

I like the picture-if they don't like white skies, too bad. I would level it though at least 1 degree to the right.

Shoot what you want, when you want. Getting a meet is rare enough.

I've been doing the NS in my area in B&W and am much more pleased with the results anyway... food for thought.

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Originally Posted by trainmonster
Shoot what you want, when you want.
Good advice, but not everything someone shoots fits the RP.net criteria.

Getting a meet is rare enough.
Not at Waddy, home of the five train meet.
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