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Joe the Photog
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Default Hmm. Bad cropping?

I've actually gotten much better lately when somthing is rejected. Usually I just take it over to my own web site and forget about it. However, this shot was rejected for "- Bad Cropping: Most often this means that the composition of the photo is poor as it relates the cropping of the image." Now I know this shot is not the second coming. Basically it's a head on shot from slightly above the train. But bad cropping? I don't feel like appealing it, but I wanted to see if anyone else saw it the same way.


Two things I like about this shot is the heat rising above it and the sidewalk to the right of it. All oinions welcome.

Joe H.
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I personally like it. Probably that crossing structure is what is attributing to the bad crop reject. Also some of the top could be cropped. There appears to be wires running across the top of the train that could be cropped out and still keep the same apperance.

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The only thing I can see is rotate it to the left a bit. Nice shot!
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I don't think it needs to be rotated to the left it's just the angle of the shot that makes it look that way.
I kinda like it, lots of railroad stuff going on in the photo with the signals and crossings.
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Maybe if the original photo was cropped a little less? I personally feel it is too tight. If you rotate it CCW just a little bit I think it will be great!
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I like the shot too. It's one where the crossing signals don't distract from the subject, but maybe it's just a little too tight on the bottom. Also, as mentioned earlier, the photo does have a lean to it. Probably a rotation of 0.5-1.0 degrees CCW should help.
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IMO the image needs to be balanced better. It is cropped too tightly on the left. Try including more of the image on the left (the crossing signals, for instance).
Thomas Johnson
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Chris Starnes
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I agree with Thomas' suggestion, however I do think it is acceptable by our standards. Feel free to appeal the rejection.

Chris Starnes
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Talking Rejections

Rejections are like getting bad news from the Doctor ... feel free to get a 2nd opinion ...

I've had plenty of rejections and sometimes I can actually agree with the screeners.

When I don't agree, I try an appeal and more often that not,
the appeal is accepted.

In the end I think we just become better judges of what will look right and what won't.

We end up "pre-screening" our work better before sending it in.

As for this picture, I'd appeal the rejection and explain what it is you were trying to capture. You might get a hint from the screener as to what would make it work.

It's a good picture
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