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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
And a lot of that "cheating" has been happening with film photographs since the invention of the scanner (which I believe was long before digital cameras became the norm). I remember editing some of my film shots in photoshop in the mid-90s. What year did digital cameras become readily available (ie: affordable) for consumers? I didn't even get my first one until 2003.
Sure, but the scanner is DIGITAL. All of this photo manipulation stuff can all be traced to digital technology--both hardware and software. I know, I know...it's the march of progress, and I shouldn't be such a fuddy dud. However, my point (which I didn't make very well) was intended to be simple: the shot was excellent, and should have been accepted. Also, the manipulations--be they 20 seconds in duration to make or 20 days--weren't really necessary.

I'm not berating RP's screeners at all. I'm just a bit bemused by a process that excludes perfectly acceptable shots. There's this notion that exists that RP has the "best" shots. That's merely marketing fluff, and they're smart to promote it that way. If images range from 1 to 10 (on a scale with 1 being the worst image and 10 being the best), this one should have rated about an 8. That should be more than sufficient to be invited to the dance.

I do think too much emphasis is placed on the picayunish details rather than the substantive.
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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post

We've had these conversations on the forum many times, so it's not worth beating a dead horse.
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Who said it was relevant?
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