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Default noise/grain issue

Hello I resubmitted this for bad crop and then came back with noise/grain.
I have a couple of questions about this.
1 I'm not sure what I'm looking for tho correct it
2 How to correct it
3 since was this was originally rejected for the crop does this mean the crop is good now?
Thanks for the help
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Jason - if you look at the nose, or for that matter, just about anywhere black, you will see the noise. Black should be black, or with the right light, a shade of silky gray. If you look close you will see instead of a smooth black, you have what looks a bit more like millions of little colored dots akin to newspaper print.

That can happen when you try to brighten an underexposed image. 'Course, if you expose for black on a dark day you may wash out and overexpose everything else. It's a tight balance with a bit of give and take followed by proper post processing.

Try to reprocess using a different approach to brightening the as exposed black shadowy areas. Fill light? Shadows and Highlights, layering... ect. And, maybe some noise reduction through your editor or third party software like "Neat Image" or "Noise Ninja".

Not sure if "bad crop" is retired - did you change the crop from when that rejection was given? Looks a bit centered still.

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Thanks I did change the crop
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