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Default Does this deserve a PEQ?

Hello board, after a couple of "unlevel horizon" fixes I got this rejection. What is your take on the subject matter and their reason for rejection? I thought it had some interest with the roundhouse curves and the new wheels that are stored there with a couple of relics. Opinions are welcomed and thanks for your time...


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I would offer some suggestions if maybe you were to try a "do over".

Crop the bottom road out and add the roof of the roundhouse back in. Crop the right side to start with the wheel set and remove that block.


Step to the left and possibly have a locomotive there instead of a rusting railcar.


Step way over to the left and have the wheels and the roundhouse only in the frame. Removing the railcar, wires and hint of that building on the left side all together and focusing on the roundhose and wheels only. Maybe make that security camera area the top center of the photo.

Just a thought.
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Or get super tight on one of the wheels.

As it looks now, it's a snap shot without a lot of thought given to it, so I would say I do not disagree with the PEQ.
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Something like this.

Image © Travis Dewitz
PhotoID: 408302
Photograph © Travis Dewitz
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