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Default What makes you click a photo?

I was looking through today's photos and I started thinking to myself: "What makes me click on a photo?" After thinking about it, here are the things that make me click on a photo:
1. Intrigueing/Interesting description
2. Photo looks interesting
3. Can't make out details in thumbnail
So, what about you guys? What makes you click on a photo?
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1) If it looks tack-sharp in the thumbnail, I want to see what it looks like full size.
2) If it's a unit I like (SD40-2, CONRAIL, LVRR, etc.)
3) If it's mine (gotta see how it looks, ya know?)
4) If it's from an area I'm familiar with and/or from
5) If it's somebody I know
6) If people bribe me to click on their photos so their post count goes up
7) If it's an intersting composition
8. Whatever I feel like based on my mood

I think that covers 'em...
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Originally Posted by Ween
6) If people bribe me to click on their photos so their post count goes up

I think that covers 'em...
I Western Union'ed you a check... didya get it? (or should I say: Middle Easterned?)

Naw, I would also say an interesting quote/remark would make me investigate further.
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Composition. This means something other than a wedgie. I might click on a wedgie if the power is something rare/new or whatever, but usually I just pass on by a wedgie. If it's someone I know, I might click on the photo granted it's well composed. Also, I usually click on more photos from the east rather than the west. I mean, once you've seen a photo from Tehachapi or Cajon, you've seen 'em all.
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These are mine,
1. Interesting Photo Description
2. One of My Favorite Rail Lines or Locomotives
3. Theres something in the Photo that makes it stand out
4. If its the Photo of the Week
David Hancock
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If it's someone I know, I always click it. If it's from a location that I am familar with, such as my hometown Joliet, IL, I will also click it. I love seeing photos with lots of scenery (Fall colors are coming! ) The Top of yesterday, POTW and the Top of last week always gets a view from me.
Nick Hart
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Originally Posted by cmherndon
I mean, once you've seen a photo from Tehachapi or Cajon, you've seen 'em all.
I know a few people, myself included who could spin that for anything east or south of Valparaiso.

Jokes aside, if it's local foamers almost always. I do enjoy the Upper Midwest -- though I don't look at every photo from La Crosse. I should though.
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Interesting/rare cropping and/or composition...
# of previous views...

I also constantly troll the Daily Photos lineup...http://www.railpictures.net/showphot...aterange=today
Web Photo Editor, SU Slate
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1. Composition (new and different)
2. Location- Is it my home state or town, or somewhere I've been?
3. Someone's work I know and admire
4. Interesting locomotive/lashup. I'll checkout almost anything that's more than 10 years old.
5. And yes, I'll admit it, I'll check images that I think maybe are "questionable" (sorry--- I have several myself anyway)
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-Railroads, unit, etc
-If it has that "wow" factor or is otherwise interesting, like that SD80MAC in the turntable that was most viewed photo of the week
-If I see wrong data that should be fixed
-Or I could be in one of those moods where I look at every photo submitted that day
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The first big two...

If it's something I don't see a lot, e.g. power no longer in common use, power that isn't in use in my area, railroads I'm unfamiler with.

If it's something I see a lot and love, e.g. Metra... I see these every time I go out pretty much, but I still click on almost every Metra picture I come across.

Beyond that, if there's something interesting in the composition, location, etc. I'll click on it.
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