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This is an encouraging thread. I've just started contributing to RailPictures.Net, and I am hoping that my older photographs can be published much the same way as Don Ball, Jr. was. When he was producing books, his photographs were 20 to 30 years old. Mine are now 20 to 30 years old. I don't know what the market is for "coffee table" railroad books (you always seem to see them in the marked down section of the bookstore), but I'm willing to give it a try.

I've had contacts from small railroad museums wishing to display some of my photographs that are applicable to thier location, and I was even invited to put on a slide show (although I don't think the person granting the invitation realized how far away I was).

My wife told me that if I can get this to pay she will not fuss too much if I stop to take the occational "train" picture when we are on vacation (she is actually the one who gave me my slide scanner for Christmas this year). Even if none of this happens, I'm having a grand time sharing my memories on this site.

Rob Kitchen
Harrisburg, PA

You know you are old when the first car you owned in now considered a "Classic".

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I like your photos on the site, especially the ones of the BN F units! Hope to see more.
Michael O'Neil

My Photos at:RailPictures.Net!
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The only request I've had was some firm doing some kind of publication/study on building a commuter rail in some obscure place in the Midwest, I don't even remember where it was...they wanted to use one of my Metro-North photos.
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Default Interesting contacts from photos submitted?

Man,it sounds like I need to start posting images on RailPics again!!!

I've sold a few prints and had several requests from individuals wanting to use my images in presentations.

I also had several of my images used by an individual who produces train videos. Only problem was he did so without my permission!!!

Scott Ridenhour
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It's great hearing everyone's experiences. I by no means think I'm the Ansel Adams of RR photography, but it's nice to be recognized by peers and other entities.

But it sure feels good when someone else or a railroad related company says the love your photo. I even had one company love a fake photo I made, umm, BNSF does not have a Hawaiian route, but they still want a print anyways, go figure! LOL

See more of my train photos at:
See my train videos at:
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