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Default poor image quality

i was trying something other than a wedge shot, so i tried framing with trees.
but i am having problems fine tuning the shot. at first it rejected for oversharpened (soften 8 points), then overexposured, then oversharpened again, and now this. it looks great on a 10x14.
the oversharpening rejections with my photos have suddenly appeared in the last month, when it was the opposite before. kind of confused why this happening
can this shot be saved? (wish there was some flowers on the bushes.)
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Joe the Photog
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It does look over sharpened, which is a problem I have often. Look at the top of the lead loco. It looks rigid wherethe lines should be smooth. The grass looks over sharp as well. I like the idea behind the shot, but I would watch the sign in front of the back of the lead unit as well as the cement sticks in the ground. This might be a perfect spot to try out Mitch Goldman's step ladder to see if you can get over that.

Good try. I think this shot is slvageable.

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I like the shot, but it looks kind of harsh, like it was either over sharpened or local contrast was increased. Can you tell us about your digital workflow? How and when are you sharpening and what size is the image that you are submitting to RP?

It used to be that if you submitted a file that was too big, RP down-res'ed it automatically and the results weren't good. John West just noted that he's started seeing "zaggies" in some of his shots and he hasn't changed the way he's been doing anything either. I wonder if RP has changed their software since they moved to new servers and the compression that they are doing has changed.

Michael Allen
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I was wondering what f stop you used and the EXIF shows f8.0 which should be adequate to get the foreground and background objects sharp.
It's a really nice compostion, hopefully you can rework the image and get it in.
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Thank for the suggestions, some good things to look into so i figure out what happening. my workflow has been pretty simple with my photos: crop a bit, adjust brightness and contrast, and resize to 1023x682.
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