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Default New member has a question on rail photo/watching

Hello everyone. I used to be an avid railroad photographer/watcher back in the 70's and 80s, even got my wife to come along some times. Then we had child and I had to stop doing it but have returned to it now (as the boy is off to college) and as I enjoy to photograph trains. I live in Michigan near a city called Mt. Clemens (in fact the CN rail line through the city I believe is called the Mt. Clemens sub). I was wondering if any of the members know of any websites where you might find information/schedules when trains are expected to pass through a given area (I know security concerns etc) so you can plan your photography session a little better. The days when I could go out and spend 10 hours at a location waiting are gone so when I go out I want get some idea of what action to expect. Also since I live in Michigan I any suggestions of where to watch would also be appreciated from any Michigan railfans. I am not to far from Port Huron (CN) and Lapeer (CN).

Sorry if this is the wrong fourm to ask this question but I hope someone can suggest some ideas.
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Hi wlandenberger.

May I suggest http://www.railroadfan.com. This is an excellent site that is mostly centered around Michigan. We have lots of knowledgable guys from around the state, including the Detroit area and southeast Michigan.

You can also try Michiganrailroads.com, as there are several posters on that site who live along the Mount Clemens sub and have a good handle on the operations of the line.

Hope this helps.
Gregg R. Pullano
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Hi wlandenberger.

You can try Durand. Although I was up there two weeks ago on a Saturday and rail traffic was a little sparse. The depot in Mt. Clemens used to be a good spot. If you have the time to drive to Plymouth, that can be good. Some people say Romulus is a good spot. I've never been there so I can't say from experience. I don't know how far you want to drive but Grand Rapids and Bay City are suppose to be pretty good. Port Huron is pretty good. I'm going there Sat.

To be honest with you. Until the economy in Michigan gets better, I don't think your going to find too many good places in Michigan to go. I've been going down to Ohio lately. Once again if you have the time, Your not really that far from Ohio.

I'm sure some other Michiganians will chime in and give you more suggestions. Good Luck

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CN uses the Mt. Clemens Sub for traffic moving from Detroit and points south into Port Huron and Canada. IIRC, isn't traffic on that line basically locals and a pair of freights between Flat Rock and Toronto?
Mike Lockwood

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