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Default Cloudy but busy day around Danville (KY)

Do the daggumm weather forecasters EVER get it right??

After a week of rain, wind and clouds here in Central KY., the forecast for today (Friday 11/14/03) was supposed to better..."partly sunny, clearing in the afternoon" so with that info, a few of us decided to spend the day out shooting. The weekend forcast is depressing, so today was the day!! Kathy and myself (and Rachel to) loaded up and headed out towards Danville to meet up with Steve Blake and Josh Young. The sun was trying to Show itself and I felt good that the thin clouds would soon be gone.....thats what I get for thinking.... The sun only shown itself once or twice all day, and the camera stayed all warm and snug in the bag for the most part. Steve and Josh knocked a lot more shots than I did with those fancy digital cameras they pack..but thats ok, sometimes its just relaxing to sit back and watch. Here is a brief rundown of what we saw....All trains are on the NS Central Div.

(0825) Train 285, NS 8761, NS 8333, Shuttleworth
(0830) Train 216, UP?? Faulkner
(0850) Train 116, NS 8311, NS 9418, NS 8300, North Wye
(0930) Train M67, NS 6633, NS 6182 Harrodsburg
(1010) Train 223, NS 6805, UP 3315
(1020) Train 26Z, NS 9451, Harrodsburg (single unit, short stack train)
(1045) Train 179, NS 9062, NS 8431, North Wye
(1150) Train 230, NS 6748, UP 9527, North Wye
(1153) Train 215, NS 8393, NS ??? North Wye
(1205) Train 168, NS 6634, NS 6525, NS 6749 Shuttleworth
(1230) Train 229, NS 6704, NS 5445, Danville (both units still in CR blue)
(1246) Train 133, NS 2525, SP 2682 (SD45) Danville
(1317) Train 111, NS 9798 (whiteface) NS 9701 Danville
(1345) Train 229 (again) Junction city
(1410) Train 124, NS 8906, NS 8316 Mooreland

15 trains in 6 hours...not to bad....I will have a few pics later on..
E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
Salvisa, KY
NS Fourms
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