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Default Too dark???


Yeah, and this isn't dark either... http://www.railpictures.net/viewphot...=322872&nseq=1
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Mike, they are both really really underexposed (dark).

If you can brighten the first one up enough, I'd suggest recropping so that you don't have the middle of the train missing. Then it may have a shot.

Attached is your first shot, with closer to correct overlays to show you how much brighter it should be.

Loyd L.
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Originally Posted by Miketherailfan View Post
Perhaps if you had taken the shot Landrum did, it would have been accepted. Your image suffers from more than just being too dark...poor composition/cropping stand out to me the most. It's just a very awkward looking scene.
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I agree the rejected image has cut the train off substantially. It is a bit distracting.

The headlights in the Landrum image compensate for the underexposure I feel. A bit of contrast is great.
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Dont care for either of them.
Mike, why are you keeping on after this one, its not a good shot plain and simple, I still cannot fathom what made you cut out the middle of the train, maybe on accident whatever, just drop it and work on that sunny one you have.

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