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Default black tuesday

Hi everyone, thanks for your help in the past. I am at a loss as to what to do with these, any of them. Any comments would be appreciated as you have always been helpful in the past. I guess that I just don't get bad cropping.
Anyway here are the offenders from today





Must be something about Tuesdays I reckon. Thanks very much for looking even if you cannot offer advice. Dave
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Dave - you're not the one that needs help!

LOVE the backlit shot. If it weren't backlit, I wouldn't. Gots to be frustrating to see such a ridiculous rejection. Add that you got rejections both before and after - what? Were you seen with "the Rat" at a party or something?

The pan is great - maybe add some to the top so the train is less in the center of the frame. Might need some brightening, too. Engine looks good, rest of the scene (even if it was) looks dark.

Plume shot - chop some of the left maybe - once again, to get the train less centered. It'll still be vertically centered to keep the signal? /pole but no longer in the center of a squarish crop.

Through the trees by the building - maybe loose some from the top and to the right. I like it but RP is notorious for rejecting images "with a little extra on the top".

Wide with engineer looking out - works for me, but maybe for RP a vertical would be best. And nothing wrong with that - works equally well.

Don't change the backlit shot! Appeal and get a PC, lol.

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Great shots Dave!

Generally I think that you have chosen too wide frames.

First: Maybe it would be better without the pole and lines.
Second: Crop from the top, right and a little from left.
Third: Maybe vertical.
Fourth: It is really backlit.
Fifth: Crop some of the left.
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Mitch thanks for your words. GBR thanks for advice. I tried all the things you have suggested and resubmitted every picture today. First four got rejected and then someone took pity and I have the plume shot on the data base. I guess that will do. Anyone living in Washington state area and would like to take me railfanning I would be grateful of any help. I am planning to be over in the States sometime late April, early May
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