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Holloran Grade
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Lightbulb Wow..............I am Stunned.

Yes, my friends, what I suspected would happen, has happened.

The tail now seeks to lead the horse.

PEQ it if you must, but please don't tell me how an image is going to look, or what is going to be in it.

Notice: This rejected photo will be deleted completely 7 days after its initial rejection, but may be linked to other
websites/forums during the 7 day period during which the link is active.

Reason(s) for Rejection:

- Bad Color: Not enough color depth or too much color saturation.
- Bad Contrast: The image suffers from either too much or too little contrast.

Comments from Screener:

"There is no reason for this to be in black and white."

Debris at Bagdad - [2013 Winter Solstice +1 Series] by El Roco Photography, on Flickr

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