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Its been a couple years since I've tried scanning any slides, but even back then, it wasn't that hard to get the color or leveling right (I do agree that some other stuff was a pretty brutal). If you have the technical prowess to scan a slide in the first place, than you should also be able to give a photo a 2 min pass through in Photoshop. If you're not doing that, then its some combination of being lazy and/or a strange sense of the nostalgic "good old days."

The original photo is brutal. Very nice picture if properly edited, but all I see is really, really bad color. "Old guys;" would a magazine (an outdated 'gold standard' of railroad photography, but thats for another conversation) run that photo with that color 10,20,30 years ago? I sure hope not.

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Originally Posted by adickson View Post
So you would say there is a yellow cast from the lights? Easy fix. Enhance/Color/Remove Color Cast. Then click on the white fuel filters and wa-lah!

Sometimes a lot of effort results unreal colors. Like the neon-blue sunlight from outside, after removing the yellow cast.
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Personally I try to minimize color casts on many shots just so there aren't so in your face but still present because that was how it was plus it adds a feel or mood to the image. Other times I like to have white whites and perfect color tone. Films all have their own looks. Some have color casts while others boast certain colors while even others effect highlights and shadows. I like when people maintain the imperfections of film photography as it makes me feel like I can actually hold that print instead of the new perfection of the digital world. The OPs originally photo is a bit much for me personally though I must admit.
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