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Default Woe is freaking me.

Down to one upload again. 13 rejections in the rejection list. Some were fixed and got in. So now I'm down to 1 upload. The recent spat, you could say, was a shot that was in full sun, but as the train came, cloud covered the sun. Hit for cloudy. So I tried to bring out the blue in the sky more and used some shadow highlight, and they say uncorrected upload? So I convert to black and white, hoping it will *help* some, it didn't. I went from a full color shot to a black and white and was hit for uncorrected photo. Question is, how long does it take for me to get my uploads back? A year? That sucks, I have to go that long to get my uploads back? And I know the dumbass remarks like "take better photos" are coming, so go ahead with them anyways, haha. Didn't really mean to piss them off, or is it the 13 rejections? Oh's the recent spat.

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