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Originally Posted by Noct Foamer

Just wanted an opportunity to show my only golfing shot. I mean, you have to photo more than just trains, right? Thanks for your help. We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread about cloudy days.

Kent in SD

I can only imagine the lighting setup you needed to execute that shot The perspective there makes it look like those locomotives are about 8 feet tall.

I'm really, really pleased with what I've read here... I haven't been on the forums much for the past couple of days, this is a really nice surprise.

Did you make it down to to chase 3985 around?
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Originally Posted by Freericks

When I go back and look at my photography from just three years ago, so much of it makes me really angry... can't believe I didn't know better when it would have been so much easier to get a much more interesting, exciting, and visually enticing shot.
I am sure that statement goes for a lot of us. I does for me as then I might actually have some pictures on here!
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Chris Z
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Well, in the mean time, I did get a few more cloudy shots in.
My pictures can be seen here.

Then what happens? I get dinged for too much sun.

It's my lousy scanner and my lousy digital processing. I'll figure it out sooner or later. Thanks to a lot of the folks on here.

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chris crook
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Looks like a shift toward cyan during scanning. Should be fixable.

Man, I miss Sd45s.

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Noct Foamer
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Originally Posted by ottergoose

Did you make it down to to chase 3985 around?

Indeed, indeed. It came to within an hour of my house! You can assume that if I had missed THAT it meant I was in the hospital, unconscious! It was a sunny day, so I shot my share of sunny wedgies. There was a time or two I almost forget to hit the button though. I was frozen in awe of the King of Choo Choos! Probably a good thing it doesn't come around all that often. If it did, I would soon be unemployed!

Kent in SD

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