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I skipped around this thread after reading the first few posts. First off, I do agree that if multiple issues are spotted right away they should be checked off together but here is a typical scenario/run through of the screening thought process (for me at least).

Note: This is made up and is not about the photo mentioned here.
- See 200 photos on queue. Be prepared to spend at least 30 mins looking at each shot.
- Open first shot.
- Notice right away its a cloudy roster.
- Check "Cloudy" and reject since there's 199 more photos to go through. It does take time to completely analyze a shot for multiple flaws when there is one that is more noticeable.

Now the 'control' goes to the contributor. Do they read 'cloudy' as too dark and try to brighten it or just give up. If they brighten it they set themselves for the scenario which this thread is about.

Now, what if the brightening of the 'underexposed' photo did something to the overall color making it more noticeable since the screener was just seeing the dark image.

I'm taking a side because I have been in both positions. I can see where the frustration lies in the final 'killer' rejection because it is something that cannot be corrected therefore would have liked to have been seen after the first submission but again that comes down to the particular screener. I don't see distracting shadows. If you tried again though, I may check off composition balance since it is basically in the middle of the frame. If you correct that, you may get shadows again... While I can see why this thread was created, I don't think its as big of a deal as it is made out to be. Just correct it. If you feel like you are wasting your time...well..I don't know what to tell you. (Not talking to AR here but everyone.) If you want it on, make the changes and see what happens. There are only a handful of reasons that signal the contributor to stop adding that shot (i.e. cloudy, IQ, PEQ, banned )
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Be prepared to spend at least 30 mins looking at each shot.
Wow, a model of efficiency! 30 minutes per photo? Hmmmm....
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Originally Posted by Ween View Post
Wow, a model of efficiency! 30 minutes per photo? Hmmmm....
Wow, and I thought 30 seconds was the norm.

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Originally Posted by stevenmwelch View Post
Drew, it's a poor lit telesmash of UP 1996 running light. It's leaning very bad too. Who cares? Do you REALLY want to be associated with that shot?

I know I wouldn't.
That is all to a matter of personal opinion. I am not trying to start more of a pissing match here but just because you do not like it does not mean it is in general a bad shot. Other people will like it. I have seen shot on here wondering why they were excepted or dislike. That is my opinion though. It is just a matter of personal preference to who likes what.
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