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Default How Much Have Standards Changed?

I thought it was kind of curious that I had this shot rejected for bad cropping (which seems to be my specialty lately) .


After I compared it to an image from a couple of years ago that was in the database.


Please don't get the wrong idea-that I am complaining that the original is in and mine isn't. I just thought it was a good illustration of the tightening of standards over time.
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I don't think it's the cropping as much as it is the placement - nothing is chopped off or to tight, rather the engine is simply right in the middle of the photo. I don't think this is an example of better standards in this case.

If you have the room you may want to resubmitt with more sky.

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It seems like it could use just a little more on the right, but that might just be me.
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Standards are most definitely getting higher on this site, there's absolutely no way I could have gotten this shot in recently!
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I too think it's a placement issue. The foreground has those weeds and parts are in shadow...
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