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Default Bad composition reject

Hi All,
Could someone out there please help me out? Is the attached shot really bad composition or not?


Also,is the following shot bad cropping?


Thanks Jim.
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Joe the Photog
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Well, what do Iknow? I looked at the first shot and thought: tighter crop, little off the left, some off the right. Then I looked at the second reject and that's how I would have cropped it. However, you appear to have dirt on the sensor. Clean up the shot and maybe tweak the second crop a little. I think you're on the right track. Maybe a little more off the right.

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Darryl Rule
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It looks like it could use a little bit off the right side of the photo. The train seems to be in the left 1/3 of the picture with more room to the right. If the was a building or another engine over there, it may be ok. But it just seems like empty space.

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Northern Limits
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Try cropping the rest of the grey building out on the left side, remove the dead space on the right. As for the bottom; check what it would look like to include the edge of the road.
You may even want to try a vertical crop.
For free: There was a comment some time ago about cropping/composing along natural lines or features.
Cheers, Jim.

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I think possibly a vertical crop would also be the go...
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I would have cropped out more of the sky and poles above the train in the second reject. Good shot.
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