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Default Camera problem, any suggestions

I have been using a Canon 300D; so far Iíve snapped 8000 images. Recently Iíve noticed in the upper right corner of recent images two dark smudges. Cleaning the lenses that I used and interior glass of the camera that I can reach (mirrors) has not corrected the problem. Any one have any suggestions? I'm at a loss other than to take it to a shop.
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Ken, it's likely a spot of dirt on the sensor. I have a small darker circle on my 300D pictures all the time, it just does not show up unless it happens that the sky or some other light colored object is the background. Being that I do not want to tackle cleaning the sensor, I simply edit it away if it shows in the picture. There are many resources explaining cleaning sensors on the internet, and it has been discussed here, too, so you may want to check out those threads.

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