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Just Aaron
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Default Cloudy Common?

I thought this was a nice shot. I liked the snow effect and the old army blazer M 1009.

Should I appeal or just drop it?

Interested in your thoughts.

Thank you, Aaron.

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N. Herring
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drop it, if it was snowing, you cant tell if it is or not.
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Dennis A. Livesey
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It is a nice shot Aaron. I like your effort to include something beside the locomotive.

However, since photography is all about capturing light, and RP wants the best light possible, this shot suffers from being betwixt and between. It needs more snow, or prettier light, or more dramatic light.

Good try.

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Some might think it is interesting, but that ex-military looking Chevy Blazer is kind of distracting and looks out of place, to me anyway.
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Just Aaron
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Ill have to wait for sun in Michigan I guess. Not much of that here.
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I shoot what I like
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Yep we get a lot of that to, Clouds. If snow is falling and you get the exposure right you can get them in sometimes. You want to get photos in and they want photo that people will look at. In reality they have plenty of CN SD's in the data base and your shot isn't needed. If your photo showed something new or more interesting or artful it may slide in. An old bow tie 4X4 thats off to the side not helping. Just remember it's what they don't have, Is what they want, and thats getting harder everyday, Think great light or neat old bridge or building worked in the photo. Your photo looks good and up to specks but just needed more snow falling, Step it up a notch.
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I agree with Richard. Now if you would have had a better composition of that 4X4 with the train in the back of the frame behind the truck you may have had your self a nice shot.
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