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Default RP'ers, cameras ready! N&W 1218 and 611 back on rails this weekend!

OK, you didn't think the steam program was reinitiated and that the two engines would be under steam this Saturday, right? However, NS plans to
move both these engines to it's shops in Roanoke, VA to help celebrate the city's 125th Anniverary this Saturday! The proposed move may occur this
Friday, September 7th! Unfortunately, the open house is closed to special invitation only - but someone should be fortunate enough to catch the move and maybe sneek a peek into the yards.

NS F's... Can steam be next? One can certainly hope, regardless, it's nice to know that NS "remembers" it's former stablemates and honors it's heritage.

Stay tuned... who will post first?

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Where are the units now?

I will not be able to get down there this weekend, but look forward to seeing the shots people get.
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[quote=JRMDC]Where are the units now?
With due respect, pehaps we should not use the term unit when discussing steam. As a general practice this term is used for an individual locomotive what can be MU'd into a consist. While some steam locomotives have miniture controls to operate trailing diesels, they are individual in design and personality!
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Two weeks after the event, N&W 611, 1218 & NKP 763 are still residents of Norfolk Southern's at the East End Shops, Roanoke, VA as of 3PM Sunday afternoon - Sept. 23, 2007.

They moved quickly to get the engines over from VMT; perhaps they've decided to rebuild them in place rather than return them to the Claytor Pavillion.

No, No Way - I must be hallucinating again !!!
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I heard the tracks were not in the best condition on NS's side and work is needed to safely bring them back to the Museum. I'd like to believe this is all a conspiracy and that they will in fact steam back to the Museum and beyond, there is still hope. On the other hand, the engines are the bread and butter of the museum and it is rather strange that NS has not taken great lengths to return the engines with due haste.
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Mitch, according to Big Jim, 1218 and 611 will stay at East End Shops until trackwork is completed on the lead going into VMT. So if you are travelling in the Star City and don't see them at VMT, they are still at EES.

Of course, this might all be a conspiracy in conjunction with the Link Museum operations which would much rather have the engines within eye-sight of their operations, which they are at ESS.

It is interesting how the Link Museum draws much better than VMT since it opened in the old N&W station. A quick look at the displays assembled there indicate that it is likely much better funded & operated than VMT as well.

Of course the Link Museum is directly across the street from the Hotel Roanoke and directly accessible to the pulse of downtown, whereas VMT is several blocks west and somewhat out of the way.

It's too bad it is not a combined operation because as it is the two compete for the same crowd. VMT has the two grand engines which is pretty much it. The Link Museum, on the other hand, has the benefit of convenience and rich multi-media presentations which are head & shoulders above the rather spartan & static displays found at VMT.

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