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Default The first shots of 2004

The weather has been less than pleasing here in Central KY since the 1st, and most of us had not ventured trackside until the clouds broke this week. Caleb, Kathy and myself spent part of the day out on the CNO&TP and LS on the 6th, and Kat and myself managed time to shoot a couple today as well. It wasnt the best in terms of good power, but I wanted to try out a 400mm tele I am "test driving" (thanks CTS)...here are links to a few of the good ones....

http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=45401 NS 229 at Junction City
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=45402 A 57V grain train at Kings Mountain (my favorite of the bunch)
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=45403 Soutbound coall train 76J at Kings Mountain
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=45404 NS 111 starts up the hill at Southfork with a CR leader
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=45405 236 runs "wrong main" at DV tower
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=45231 76J coal train at Harrodsburg (pic by Kathy, if your on the Central Div list, you have already seen this one)
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=45406 111 (of the 7th) climbs the hill at Alton
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=45383 a speedy pacing shot of 224 at Waddy (pic by Kathy)

E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
Salvisa, KY

NS Fourms http://jreb.org/ns
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