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One other thing to point out before you buy, make sure if you purchase online (especially ebay) that you request a US market camera. I got a great deal on my D80 and 18-55 and 70-300 lens kit but a few months later found out it is a "grey market" camera that was supposed to be sold in Japan. Still has a warranty from the seller but I don't know if it will affect anything in the future if I try to sell it to get a new camera. Just something to be aware of.
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Originally Posted by LSRC Railfan
That way I'd have the 18-55 Kit lens for a beginner, indoor, etc. and the 70-300 VR for railfanning.
I'm kicking around the same sort of questions. I looking at the Nikon D80 and will probably go with a Nikon-refurbished body so I can pick a lens. I keep coming back to the 18-200mm vr lens as giving great coverage with vr.

I went back through a bunch of photos in PS Elements and it looks like maybe 60-80% could be covered by an 18-135mm. The rest were shot at longer settings. ( I have a Fuji PAS with 18-200mm.)

So then I'm thinking Nikon's 18-135 + the 70-300, for more reach and for a little less $ than the 18-200.

Most of the longer shots came in the middle of the closer ones, which means I probably didn't have time to change lenses.

I have few months to wait, so I'll let you go first!
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LSRC Railfan
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Ah don't worry. It might be a while. I'm not sure yet. It might be a couple weeks or a couple months. I just wanted to know what I'm getting. Btw where do you get a refurbushed body? Hey and maybe you can find on if of the 80-300 VR lenses. That should cover the short-long range photos all in one lens.
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Adorama has refurbished d80's for about $100 less than new. I didn't see any refurbed 40s or 40xs. I really want one lens that starts about 18mm for wide shots.

Then when this lens question is settled I can start looking for a macro lens. And no, it's not for getting close-ups of fast moving plows.
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Kevin W-S
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I have a suggestion here.

I actually do not think the camera itself (provided it is decent to start off with) is a big deal. I would suggest you go and look for a Canon 350D for example (they are still available in South Africa despite having the 400D alongside them on the shelf) - you will that way get a good camera cheap and can spend the rest of the money on lenses.

My rationale here is that your lens will hold their value - the cameras depreciate in value in quickly and new models come out every year. So, you will have a good camera to start off with and can then decide later what newer model you will buy.

I have 2 cameras - a 300D (I think this is the first Rebel model in the USA) and a 30D. To be honest for most of my photos - except specifically birds (which is why I bought the 30d - for its speed) I am not fussed which one I use - despite the difference in mgs etc there is not much (if anything) to it -as far as my eye is concerned. The 300 is as good as 30, which is why I have (and use ti) as a second camera - saves changing lenses and therefore reduces sensor dirt.

But the lens are important - I will not bore anyway with my sorry tales of cheap and kits lenses!

For the train lens choice see this thread where I asked the same questions as you regarding "train" lenses-


The advice was really good and I am happy with choices I made - based on cost AND quality and the advice.

My photos at RailPictures.Net!

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