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Mike Hughes
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Default Lens Advice (18-200)

I'm thinking of getting a Macro / Zoom lens. A friend who takes photos of cars has suggested at Tamron 18-200 for my Canon 400D.

Anyone had any experience of such a lens - the price is very reasonable when compared to a Canon lens?
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Peter MacCauley
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Yeah, i have lots of experience with my Sigma 18-200, which i have to believe is similar to Tamron's. I tested both, and the only difference I noticed was price. That being said, i must admit the lens leaves a bit to be desired. I think that any time there is such a great zoom range, quality suffers a bit. Most of my pictures with the lens turn out a little softer than I'd like, but if you are looking for an inexpensive "all in one" lens, i don't think you can get any more for the price. Maybe someone else with a little more to say on this subject can add to this.

Peter MacCauley

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Master Railfan
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Just type in Tamron (?-?) lens reviews in Google for lots of reviews. The Tamron 18-250 may be better quality than the 18-200, but check the reviews and let us know. Personally I'll give a little quality to give me the zoom range, right now I'm stuck with a 18-55 and a 28-200 lenses.
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American Gunzel
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I used the Canon 28-200 and it was a piece of garbage. Soft images, nasty fringing, etc.

Rather than looking for one lens that covers the zoom range you're looking for, look into getting a pair of lenses... I know a few people around here use a 17-70 and a 70-200, for example.
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Switched out
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Heres a review of the Tamron 18-250mm and the 18-200mm. Reading the reviews I get the impression that the 18-250 Tamron is the better lens however having said that if you are after pin sharp and distortion free images you are better off with a couple of Lenes of smaller ranges. If you need to travel light then these Lenes are worth looking at as they pack a lot of range into a small package.


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Mike Hughes
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Thanks for the heads upon the lens reviews. I've looked up the price and the 18-250 is 50GBP ($100 US) more than the 18-200. It comes bundled with a UV filter for another 16 GBP so I think that's what I'll be getting.

I've already started to look for suitable sites in London (England) to take photos from. I've even taken my camera to work the past week or so (I am a London taxi driver working nights), but the weather here in the UK has been absolutely foul. Interestingly I now find myself starting to look at composition more and I can already see where I need to use a telephoto lens and a suitable UK filter. Whilst all of the shots I've taken so far are well short of the required standards I'll try to post some of them here for composition and subject advice.

EDIT: That should of course say UV not UK filter

Should I also be looking at getting a polarising filter as well
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