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Default Poor Cropping

I got this rejected for bad cropping.


would this make it any better?

-Keegan Goss
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Joe the Photog
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Personally, I actually like the first version better. But I can see why RP rejected it. In their standards, the people clog the shot. One thing you could have done is to scoot a little closer to the tracks and got more of a head on shot. That way, the people wouldn't be "foreground clutter." Of course, now that I said that, if the train was moving, that's obviously a no go.

Another way to go might be to make this shot black and white. It *might* make the people less distracting, but I don't know.

Nice shot, by the way. I like shots with people in it.

Joe the Photog Dot Com
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Hmm. I doubt it. Unfortunately where you're standing doesn't lend itself to very good views of the train. You're gonna have people in the way, or distracting poles and wires no matter what.

Of course, this opinion is coming from someone with more rejections than accepted shots, so who knows....
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Not really. Although in this context,
railfans usually add interest to the photo,
the two chaps in the left foreground
unfortunately ruined the shot for you.

Dave Kerr
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