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Default High Sun Question

For some reason, I remember someone here saying that when your in high sun conditions, you can mitigate it by shooting down (since the sun is illuminating the top)

I'm on a trip and debating going up to an observation deck. Curious how high sun would impact a shot taking from 70 stories above.
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Joe the Photog
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Just take the shots!
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I'm sure if you could make it interesting it'd be alright. You could get hit with an "extreme angle" rejection though.

But yeah, just shoot some pics. Can't hurt to see what ya get.


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A few examples of 10 zillion already on RP...

From 147 stories @ 330mm focal length:
Image © BurghMan
PhotoID: 328474
Photograph © BurghMan

From 147 stories @ 130mm:
Image © BurghMan
PhotoID: 337957
Photograph © BurghMan

From 115 stories @ 45mm:
Image © W. D. Shaw
PhotoID: 327568
Photograph © W. D. Shaw

Different sun angles, but all could be considered "high" if taken from ground level. Regardless, all have the interest factor in their favor.
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