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Holloran Grade
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Originally Posted by stevenmwelch View Post
Any good Swifts tonight?
I suppose, I am not much of a yeller.

I tried to get them to call JB Hunt trailers, well you know.....

But they wouldn't because it was too crude.

I also tried to get them to yell at the Dong Feng trailers, but those are too racy as well.

They are a conservative group.
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Greg P
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1.) I think the train needs to be in line with the signal in this one, or just before it.

2.) You said it yourself.

3.) I think this image is a victim of the time of year. The sun is forcing you to include that signal arm to keep it from being back lit.

4.) I dunno. Nothing jumps out to me but I"m not an expert.

If I may make a suggestion, take as many pictures as your camera can hold. You can always download them and start over the next day.

For one train coming through, I take 30-50 shots of it so I have tons of choices.

To many sometimes...lol
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