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Default Your thoughts on a rejection...

Cropping? Processing? Your opinions please...


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Surprised they didnt throw in the obvious cloudy rejection
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You forgot to mention in the remarks that you had to climb through poison oak to get that shot...but another RP contributor wasn't so lucky one year eariler.
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Arne H. B.
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The photo is an interesting one but looks over saturated probably because it was a cloudy day. The cropping leaves the train way up high in the photo I'm not sure there's a better way to do it with the image as it is, does the original pic look much different in terms of cropping? I like the photo myself but I think a little different processing is in order.
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Well, would you look at that, the Overprocessed button still works. After going through the recent acceptances, I figured they did away with that rejection.

- Chris
- Christopher Blaszczyk
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Personally I like it. Congrats on getting it accepted.
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Greg P
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Has a very surreal kind of effect.

Thumbs up
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I likes.
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Isn't there a way to edit these types of photos and make it believable?

Loyd L.
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