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Unhappy Would the 'old' UP have done this?

Well, I'm officially gettin' old.

Just now I was looking at a fine video by Allen Robertson on, where he did a fine job videotaping the UP 6905 west at Grand Island on June 13th, 2009.

The UP 6905 west on June 13th, 2009.


This is sacreligious. The 6900s should be forever remembered for the beasts and behemoths they were, a piece of UP history never to be repeated, but ALWAYS relished and remembered by anyone who fanned the 'real' UP.

Of course I knew that these were being converted, but I guess I was secretly hoping that I would never hear them on the radio identified by their new series. Though it makes sense to number them this way for continuity, there's a part of me that wished they just would have retired the series.

Oh, the countless hundreds of times that the scanner in Cheyenne would crackle with something like "OMW; 6913; 12:30PM in and out", or "6941 west in emergency at Paxton; overspeed got us again". Man those crews and those engines bring back soooooooooo many memories of magical times on the Overland.

So forgive this 48 year old fan of the 'real' UP and lend an understanding ear when I wax nostagic and shake my head when I hear this series on the radio from here on out.

It's just not the same.

"I dug 'dem boats when diggin' em wasn't cool"

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