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Default Hmmm, I'm not the only one thinking they're odd/off...

OK, I saw a few different shots the other day catching up on things and was surprised by several shots that seem out of kilter and just processed into unrealistic shots and more like a "painted shot and deferred from starting a thread but now seeing the comments on two of the pictures I do wonder how the followers feel on this new more accepted view of shots?

Image © Greg Grice
PhotoID: 572268
Photograph © Greg Grice

Image © Greg Grice
PhotoID: 572334
Photograph © Greg Grice

Image © Ilya Semyonoff
PhotoID: 572173
Photograph © Ilya Semyonoff

To me they just seem way over processed and out of context to what the real scene would look like, but the screener/s are accepting them and it begs the question as to are my eyes that off to the oddness of the appearance of these photos? They seem to have a muted overall softened look and it contradicts the notion when shots get rejected from a soft/under sharpened look. Just puzzled like others are and thought it was worth some discussion. To be clear, they are interesting shots but their final look seems out of place for what Railpictures normally accepts. These would be better suited for the artsy interpretation site others have suggested in the past IMO.

Thanks for input either way...Rich

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