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Default It's more about views and not quality....

I know many have expressed our views in how the site has changed for the worse in terms of how the quality of pictures has slipped in lieu of various reasons, one being to create views no matter how many rejection reasons are overlooked to allow the photograph to make the site. It's getting more apparent that the powers to be are "turning a blind eye" to submissions to get views and it's too bad that standards are getting sloppy making RailPictures look like more the sites it set out to be far superior too! Take the top 2 shots of the day and because they are wreck photos, all the poor aspects from quality, foreground clutter, and so on are bypassed knowing it will get views, sad. It sends a bad message to all patrons that deal with minor glitches in their submissions and then see major issues with accepted ones. It is without surprise that some have left the site due to this and it also is a breeding ground for many of the combative issues towards the screeners with yet more inconsistent guidelines to follow. If the shot has issues (these have multiple) then it shouldn't make the cut no matter what the sensation value maybe, sub par stuff accepted just opens up a can of worms to many trying to make sense of what is ideal and not.

Image © VirginiaRailfanner
PhotoID: 522514
Photograph © VirginiaRailfanner

Those are some pretty big wheels on the engine .

Image © VirginiaRailfanner
PhotoID: 522510
Photograph © VirginiaRailfanner

The site still has great photos to view but the percentage of "filler" shots is growing and maybe that works for the administration and the model of the site but it certainly is noticed by many of us that have been around for a decent amount as a drag on the luster of their initial goal of "The Best railroad photos on the net.".

I use a quote from another long time contributor in John Ireland that he added in a recent post..." The admins here have clearly decided they have no interest of keeping this site relevant. The site will continue to decline in patronage until it can no longer ride off its past popularity. I nothing to convince me otherwise. Too bad too, because for a while there it was almost a really great site, but the interest just wasn't there from the powers at be.

I use to check this site several times a day, seven days a week. Now a check a couple times during the work day to kill time and rarely on the weekends. The quality is dropping, the production is outdated and stale and the lack of interest is really off putting."

There are some real good aspects of the site but the number of tremors below the surface are growing, IMO.

My 2 cents, Rich

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