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Default Forget 18-200, how about 16-300


Wonder what the images are like.
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Originally Posted by Greg P View Post
As Dad always said, you get what you pay for.

I would say that for the casual railfan photographer and their APS-C camera's, which it is for, it will create a very good image.

For critical work, say for calendars, large prints or simply a desire to have the finest image quality possible, then a Canon, Nikon, Zeiss or Sigma Art lens would be for you.

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I concur with Dennis' assessment. Whether or not you will be happy with such a lens will depend upon how much of a stickler you are for perfection. If you spend much time obsessing over your shots at 100% magnification, you are probably better off saving your nickels for something with a solid reputation.

I have mixed emotions about "do-all" lenses. On the one hand, they are wicked convenient. No need to tote around a bag full of glass, no need to change lenses in the field, and fewer problems with crud on your sensor. Get a LowePro TopLoader and you have all the camera cases you'll ever need. Unfortunately, there is no free lunch. Lenses with such wide focal ranges tend to have portions of those ranges where the sharpness or other attributes may suffer. I once carried a do-all lens. At the time, convenience was most important to me. Now, sharpness is more important, so I carry three lenses, all of which have better image quality in their respective ranges.

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