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Default Need some help on this

The West Chester Railroad ran from West Chester to Lansdale today to celebrate Lansdale Day.

I did a chase, and I caught the train at Levite Road in Ashton PA. This is a rare mileage area only used by Amtrak to service the quary.

The sun was horrendous the whole day, and it finally came together for this shot.

The first shot was hit as underexposed. I am working on my laptop which tends to over brighten things. (I've tried to fix it several times)

I boosted the exposure and raised the blacks a little.

Then I got Back lite rejection.

Now I did the shadow test and the shadow was pointing at the train.

How should I approach fixing it? Move the train back in the frame, more or less exposure control? Or should I appeal since it was a rare mileage move.

It's the only decent picture I got from a trip that began at 6am and ended at 3am. I am hoping to have something to show for it.
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