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Default Cropping advice


The photo isn't anything that will make POTW, a wedgie of a semi-unusual subject, but I'd like to submit it (haven't yet) and could use some advice on cropping. The sun was a bit high when I took this, but the locomotive - and the trucks, as far as they're visible - seem fairly well lit so hopefully that's not a big issue. I think it could also use a slight clockwise rotation. What I'm not comfortable with is the cropping/composition... it seems like I ought to be able to improve it but I'm not sure how best to do so. Or maybe I can't fix it without going back and re-shooting. I'm working with a higher-res version than what I've linked to, of course. Any advice appreciated, even if it's of the "give up and go home" variety!

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Strasburg? As you said, it is not a jaw dropper, but it appears to be of quality. I would only suggest cropping a sliver off of the left to get rid of the contrasting yellow grab bar that isn't really adding anything since the rest of that loco is not included and also maybe the right hand exhibit door going into the museum, and then top and bottom to keep your proportions.
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