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Default Bad Cropping

Hi all

Need some help with this one:


I'm thinking that the left might be where the problem is but the idea was to show how long these trains are.

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I like it, shows a bigger scene than just a train.

They probably have a problem with "dead" (i.e. not train) space on the left, and all the sky.

I'd say, go tighter is probably what they want you to do.

Or, you may want to try this first : remove sky, add bottom, if you can.
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The "dottie" clouds at the top are kinda weird to me. I like it as is other than those. I would cut the top down almost to the cloud coming in from the right edge and hope that works. I'm not sure if going tighter would work. It will make the empty center bigger IMO.
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When I look at this image, I feel like there could be a more appealing angle. I want to be there to walk to the right, stand more directly in-line with the tracks, turn to the left a little, allowing myself to see more of the body of water in the background of the composition. With the current composition, everything feels too separated...and the inclusion of the body of water feels incomplete. The cut off hill on the right doesn't add anything either.

Is it possible to stand farther to the right at this location?
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Thanks guys, I removed a bit of sky and it was accepted now.


Jim to the right is just mountain so one can stand anywhere as it is not so steep up. I didn't want to stand to directly in line with the tracks as I thought the overhead wires might be in the way a bit but looking at this photo one can hardly see it so I will try your idea next time I'm there.
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