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Default Combining Images in a Frame

Here's a question for all, but mostly for the screeners. I have taken shots in the same location thirty years apart. I have also taken shots on opposite ends of a rail line. In both cases, I keep thinking how neat it would be to post them together, in a single frame. Would RP.net ever be open to such an animal? (Just curious, not pushing hard for it...)
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Personally, I'd prefer seeing two full-sized images that I can open in separate tabs. So put links to the other shot in the remarks! I'd not care to lose the detail. Of course there is probably some middle ground between thumnail and full-screen, I suppose.

I've got one triple-shot collage sort-of-thing to do, maybe I'll do it up this week and show it here. Have never gotten around to it.
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Charles, I love "Then and Now" shots but I doubt that would work as a format on RP. That's not to say there isn't a place for them somewhere.
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