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Default How is it overexposed?


How is this photo overexposed when every last detail is preserved, right down to the tree branches and corn stalks in the furrows? The color also looks fine.

Thank you for your assistance.
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Possibly due to the fact that the horizon blends into the lake(?) with only a bare minimum of distinction. Also, the branches on some of the trees seem to fade to white. Tough photo to shoot, no doubt with all the fog and overcast.

I'm looking at your avatar - when's that gonna be on RP???
(And I was looking back at your pics - cuz, I do that, and I am still impressed when I see you BNSF snow pic! Magnificent!).

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First of all, only you can know what the actual light conditions were then. So what follows is speculation.

Second, the fact that detail can be shown does not mean that detail should be shown. It is certainly possible to ramp up exposure in post processing and reveal detail, as cameras are pretty good these days about capturing lots of shadow detail.

Given all that, here goes! If there was some sort of whiteout going on, across what appears to be a frozen over lake (I can just barely see a line on the far side that might be an opposite shore), then the tonality looks OK, otherwise it seems wierd to see that bright undefined area that is the top 1/3 of the image.

Otherwise, exposure looks good; certainly horizon and contrast need improving. Increasing the contrast, which tends to make brights brighter, may do the trick by itself.
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