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Default Avon to Chicago??

Hello all, I live not to far from Brownsburg Indiana, just curious about the line that goes through B-burg.I have looked at maps just wondering if the large amount of traffic goes directly to Chicago or does it branch off somewhere else?
Seems to have a.m. trains going northwest and p.m. trains going to Avon(Big Four) I am looking for some photo ops this winter.I know from my Amtrak ride the line goes through Lizton, New Ross, Crawfordsville, Monon etc. Just seems like alot of Chicago traffic of various freight.Is this line an altenate to Terre Haute to St.Louis?? Thanks for any info.

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It's not an alternate to the Terre Haute- STL line. That would be IND to STL traffic. The line you are talking about is the old P&E which is used to Crawfordsville, then to the former Monon northward.

If memory serves me, maybe LAHDPOP can back this up or correct, they run a Q642 and Q643 from IND to CHI and CHI to IND respectively, also the J726 local from IND to LAF and J727 local from IND to Crawfordsville. I think there is some grain traffic from time to time as well. It's been quite some times since I was last up that way. I need to get up there again.

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4kV is right on the money with the Local and the 642/643. Those are the only regularly scheduled trains that I know of, but I'm not real familiar with that segment of track. There may be foreign run-throughs as well. And of course, like 4kV mentioned, the odd grains, coals(?), and reroutes(?).

Keep in mind, since Amtrak uses that line as a connection between Beech Grove and the rest of the system, you're likely to see all kinds of oddities heading to and from The Grove.
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