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Default Recent Amtrak Study

For amusement, read the following report from the Office of Inspector General. Included in the suggestions are the elimination of sleeping car service, and having passengers eat their meals in stations - (just like in the 1850's.)

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No food on a 2-day train trip? Yikes! That's gotta be one of the best things about taking Amtrak.
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okay, so no sleepers. i guess i can sleep in coach. No diner.. uh...hungry!!! hmm...no entertainment or lounge...uh...get prepeared for a bunch of screaming kids running from one end of the coach train to the other (whatelse is there to do?). No checked baggage...well, they better make some really big overhead compartments for those large items. with all this stuff gone, nobody's going to want to take amtrak because it will be really boaring and uncomfortable. I mean sleepers i guess i could live without, but no diners, i mean c'mon i need food! I think that they should eliminate services that dont get a lot of travelers.
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Honestly, Amtrak could take some lessons from the Alaska RR. They've worked out tour deals, special services, and take in the scenery. Obviously, they can't do everything the ARR does, but I bet they could increase ridership if they tried a little better to cater to the tourists.
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Despite what the DOT says it will cost Amtrak $50 Million Dollars according to the NARP.
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