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Default KCS paint scheme?

KCS's paint scheme is kind of bland these days, wouldn't you think they would want to make something more colorful. I noticed the "southern Belle" units, and i dont get why they dont use that paint job on all of there locomotives. Any thougths?
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Is that "southern belle" paint scheme their new paint scheme or just a promotion with those three units? I don't know very much about them being from Pennsylvania. I do know that painting the fleet the basic gray with yellow safety stripes is much more cost effective and time efficient then the complicated multi colored "southern belle" scheme. Spending less money = making more money.
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My understanding was that pretty much all new ES44s and ACes were going to come in the Southern Belle scheme. That's for KCS and KCS Transportada de Mexico (or whatever their Mexican equivalent is)...
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Kansas City Southern is a long way from my area, but I thought I read where something like 30 units were getting the Southern Belle. I forget if it was 30 each of the GEVOs and EMDs or 30 total. Someone else will need to confirm or deny.

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