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I haven't worked on the steam shot since it was canned the last time. I might get back to it today after that last batch of shots I got in.

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Originally Posted by JRMDC
Interesting shot. The heat shimmer above the power seems to be drifting right - it doesn't affect the background highway (?) above the train but it creates a blur farther along to the right end of the highway.
Good eye on the background highway. Yes, I love when exhaust "melts" the background. This is one of my favorite melting shots:

Originally Posted by Joe the Photog
Funny that this thread turned this direction. This
Image ©
Photograph ©

is a shot I just uploaded today of my kids watching a really loud, fast empty coal train going over a long trestle. It does get loud, but I think they were afraid the egineer would sound the horn.
Nice catch, Joe. Was it originally your intention to just have your children in the foreground of the shot, or did you have a feeling they'd plug their ears to add a little more to the scene and you were just ready for it?
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