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Default CSX Mountain Sub

With the CPLs all but gone around Magnolia, it looks like the Mountain Sub will be my next stop on the old B&O. I have very little knowledge of the operations around here, so I could use some help.

First of all, are there any CPLs remaining on the line? All of the signal lists I have are 5+ years old and I'm sure many of those signals are gone now. That said I would be surprised if they are all gone now. I really want to shoot the ones at Amblersburg so I'm hoping those are still up. If there are any CPLs remaining, does anybody know exactly where they are and which ones are accessible?

Second, I've heard that the Mountain Sub sees about 10-15 trains per day, is that correct? Also, how easy/hard is it to chase stuff? Are there any "can't miss" photo ops on the line?

I plan to concentrate my efforts on the portion of the line between Terra Alta and Grafton. That said, I'd be willing to venture outside that area if there's enough good stuff east of there.

Thanks in advance!
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If you are unaware of the site, http://mtnsub.org/

sorry, I am not current on operations or the CPLs up there
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I might be late on this post but I spent the summer in Deep Creek and got out to that subdivision frequently. I shot six CPLs in total I think. There are two in Oakland: one next to the station downtown for eastbounds and one just north of town for westbounds (good access via a bridge with a parking lot overlooking the signal). There are also two in Mountain Lake Park: one for eastbounds just south of the old tower and one for westbounds right next to the grade crossing. There are also two at Altamont (lighting never worked out for me well there but there is a road that directly accesses the top of the hill and the signals.) While I was there, U813 (coal train) usually headed east through Oakland between 7:00-9:00 am. There are also scattered coal trains and two scheduled manifest trains (one each direction). If you need more info, contact Ed Mullan. He helped me out when I didn't know there area very well.
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