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Default night shot rejects

ok, I thought I would give the night shot a try since it's been cloudy for days here, anyway I don't mind when you get a rejection, I see it as a way of improvement for the the next time, something to work at, but when you get rejections that are inconsistent or contradict the other I feel the screeners are little to quick on the reject buttons sometimes. The first pic I submitted got rejected for oversharpened so I resubmitted and also noted the fact to the screeners of the corrections and then the same pic gets rejected for undersharped and the old foreground clutter rejection, can anybody tell me if these rejections make any sense to them?

#1 http://www.railpictures.net/viewreje...d=460308&key=0
#2 http://www.railpictures.net/viewreje...&key=799745701
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First one, way, way oversharpened.

Second one, looks better except that clump of grasses in the middle is quite soft. The trash can and bench on the left margin look soft also.

As for foreground clutter, well, its what the image is presenting, I think. Your ostensible subject, the moving train, is blurred, which makes the eye go to other stuff, especially in the foreground. Which, in the center, turns out to be a light pole, a clump of grasses, and a pile of plowed snow. Not compelling subject matter for a train shot. Very distracting from your train and station main subjects.
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