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Default Locomotive Repaint Question

How is it determined when a specific unit is to be repainted?

I assume this varies by railroad but there doesn't seem to be any set reason that I am aware. It has to be a bit more than random selection though.
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If a railroad is changing its paint scheme (such as CSX) units are usually repainted as they cycle through a particular shop(s) and based on how much longer the railroad plans on keeping the engine in question. For instance, since CSX is phasing out its -7s, only a couple of them have been repainted into YN3, either because the engine is being kept around for a specific purpose or it was done by mistake. There is a -7 in Atlanta that is dedicated to the REDI training center that was painted into YN3 as a RC training unit. Beyond that, it probably just matters what the maintenance budget dictates, which is why some units may go years without getting the "new" paint.
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Just saw a CSX SD40-2 still in the stealth paint with added yellow nose and end. Looked surprisingly good, actually. Just a little faded. Some of the CSX GP40-2s look horrendous.

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Every once in a while, on slips through the tracks. (heh heh)

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