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Default Suggestions....

I uploaded two photos to railpictures yesterday and these were the results:


Honestly, I don't find anything wrong with these photos. How is my photo of CSX 259 (upper photo) underexposed and how is my Santa Fe one overexposed?

Comments and suggestions/remarks are appreciated....


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For the first one, it does appear dark. It looks like you took this around midday, early PM, which is more high sun which monkeys with the lighting. You can tell from the shadows that the sun was shining, but maybe it was shining through a cirrus deck? Try lightening it up some.

For the second one, I don't think it's all that overexposed, but the color of the lead unit looks a little pinkish. Looking at other photos in the database of BNSF 646, the most recent one shows this unit to be quite faded to the pink side, but not quite as pink as yours. Maybe mess around with the color levels a bit and see what that yields.

Good luck!
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