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Default Why are the message boards so very quiet?

My mistake, the thread wasn't closed - just privatized. I like the site, just don't see why I have to check my aesthetic freedom and right to free speech at the door. This, unsolicited, was sent to my in-box...

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From: Chris Starnes
To: mu23
Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2003 7:44 pm
Subject: Forums
Its obvious to me that you are unhappy with our website - that is fine. However, if you want to make an asshole of yourself you will need to do it someplace other than our forums.

The screening thread was locked after all parties had a chance to get their thoughts out in the open. You (and the other members) have made suggestions and brought some things to our attention - we have listened and have taken into consideration your points.

Nothing else useful could have came from that thread, thus the reason it was locked. If you have a rejection or a concern about how your photos are processed, we are willing to work with you via the forums....if you want to make endless complaints about how we run our site, take your photos and membership elsewhere.

Chris Starnes
Co-Editor, RailPictures.net
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Chris Kilroy
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The idea that 'free speech' or 'aesthetic freedom' exist on this site is misplaced. This is a privately operated website, run by volunteers, and we reserve the right to accept/reject whichever photos we see fit, and by the same token, close threads which we feel are not beneficial to the discussion forums.

No post of yours was deleted -- you were allowed to have your say, and it wasn't removed at any time. So the argument that your 'free speech' was hampered in any way is mute anyhow.

You seem to be interested in doing nothing but criticize the site, which is fine -- if you don't like it, there are plenty of other websites out there to which you could submit your photos.

I have viewed the photo in question, and I agree 100% with its rejection. It was extremely blurry, which is cause for immediate rejection no matter how rare the shot may or may not be.

Additionally, the posting of Private Messages received from any forum member, including crew, is not allowed here, and any repeat offense will cause you to find yourself permanently banned from these forums.

Best Regards,
Chris Kilroy
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