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Default January 2004 Atlanta Adventure

After being sick for a week with the creeping crud that's been crawling
through the southeast I decided it was time for a road trip. Atlanta, GA was the destination of choice. I woke up early that morning, went out to load the camera gear and find water beaded up all over the truck, the roads are wet...Atlanta is supposed to have a little better weather.

I'm off and listening for trains as I motor south. Rockmart, GA and the
NS will be the first stop of the day and I meet up with Woody, The Real
Train Chaser. We catch G34 with 2 high hood SD40-2's running long hood

Woody is an excellent tour guide and we head for Stilesboro, GA to find
the CSX Cedartown local passing a rural cotton gin.

Continuing our journey toward Atlanta we stop in Cartersville for a photo
of the GE 25T on display at the New Riverside Ochre Company near the old W&A grade.

Bart joins the group and now we have a caravan. We wander around downtown Atlanta and find an EMD switcher in transit that needs a little repair before continuing its journey to a new home. JTPX 1217; ex OMS 64

While downtown we check out NS's Inman Yard and hear an I98 getting ready to depart. We're all wanting to catch a photo of I98. I'm not even sure what road we were on, but as we cross the NS main and see GA347 beneath us with 3 catfish and ROAD SLUGS??? Woody and I both powerslide around, Bart isn't quite sure what to think at this point but knows something must be afoot. (Poetic license on the powerslide, responsible driving while railfanning is always practiced). After a short search for a good photo op we find our spot as 347 cuts off a high-wide load for set-out.

Time to head for Austell, GA for dinner and a few night photos at the gazeebo that was still lit from the holiday season. A BNSF Sherer drag did the honors.

Just as the head end of 73M arrived at the grade crossing, sirens from
responding Fire Apparatus began to whine in the night air. I turned the
camera around to catch the DPU and the holiday lights when I realized 2 of
the responding fire trucks were stuck at the grade crossing. They obviously wanted to be included in the night photography session, providing a nice candy cane effect. http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=44787

Another great adventure draws to a close and I headed home. I only hit
the highlights from this trip, but a big Thanks to Woody and the gang for a
fantastic time.

My Photos at Railpictures
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